No job is too big or too small for TWP, we recycle the wood from unwanted trees into beautiful timber products and firewood

What do you actually do?

The Wood Project (TWP) are based on the Mornington Peninsula, we provide a unique service to the tree removal industry. In a nut shell, we recycle unwanted trees, once back at TWP yard we decipher whether the wood should be used to mill into beautiful timber slabs to make stunning pieces of furniture and building products or to process into firewood . TWP work hard to make sure that waste is minimized.

We also provide a referral service to anyone wanting to have a tree removed, TWP offer a wide variety of services to the tree removalist, often we save them time, which in turn saves you money. Ordinarily an arborist will include removing the wood from site as part of their quote, however TWP collect the wood saving you money! Next time you need a tree removed, give TWP a call, we will send out one of our preferred arborist’s to quote on your job.

Do you supply recycled timber in Melbourne?

Absolutely! The Wood Project offers a broad range of recycled timber in Melbourne. Our sustainable recycled wood is sourced from log recovery throughout Melbourne. These logs may be from trees as old as 150 years or more. Instead of chipping the trees away TWP provide a sustainable solution that results in recycled timber. Click here to learn more about our timber slabs.

If you would like to discuss the endless possibilities for your next project, then come visit us at our business premises: 15 Arduina Street Somerville VIC 3912, its always best to give us a call before you visit as our site hours change regularly.

What are your levels of service for the tree removalists?

Check out our services here otherwise they are outlined below:

TWP who offer 6 levels of service that will suit any job.

  • Crane Truck Access – Blocked Wood:
    The tree removalists blocks up the wood & loads it into TWP bulk bags (supplied by TWP) they then leave them in an easy access space and TWP collect via Crane Truck (think, large block clearing / nature strips (free of overhead power lines)
  • Crane Truck Access – Log Collection:
    Leave the logs in approx. 1 tonne lengths and TWP will pick them up with our crane truck (think, large backyards, reserves, schools etc,) this is quick and easy solution.
  • Mini Crane Crawler – Blocked Wood:
    The mini crane crawler is on tracks, it fits through 1.2 metre wide spaces and can mount hills and steep drive ways. Lay ramps over stairs, there is not much our mini crane crawler cannot do.
    The Tree removalists blocks the wood and loads into our bulk bags, set these up in tight access back yards etc and our crawler will come in and carry them out. A unique solution for difficult jobs (think, backyards with difficult access (no chipper access), carports in the way, steep inclines or 1 – 2 steps that the crew will have to work hard to get the trees out – leave it all in one spot in our bags and let the crawler do the work)
  • Crane Truck Access – Tree Dismantle:
    Leave logs (weighing up to approximately 1 tonne each) and TWP will pick them up with our crane truck (think, large backyards, reserves, schools etc) this is quick and easy solution.
  • Mini Crane Crawler – Log Collection:
    Our crawler has a log grab that means it can pick up 2 metre length logs up to 1 metre wide (think, hard to access backyards, any property that the crane truck & or tree removalist’s chipper can not access) this method will save time and energy and is a great solution for tricky properties, the crawler has a unique load carry design meaning it can even access step areas – with a huge lifting capacity of 1.5 tonne (for a tiny machine this is the first one in Australia that can do this)
  • Power Barrow – loose blocked Wood:
    No job is too hard for TWP, if our mini crawler cant access the job, our motorized wheel barrow will do it. Only 780mm wide, leave the block wood behind and we will motor it out.

Do you take soft wood?

Yes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

When are your timber products for sale?

We are currently developing our range of products, please contact us direct if you have a question or request.

When is your firewood for sale?

Now! Contact us for a truly convenient solution to your firewood this year.

Do you sell kindling?

Absolutely! We love the shit out of kindling – its unique just like us, wait until you try it…

Do you ever sell your logs for landscape gardening etc?

Yep! Get in touch with us – click here and we will see if we can cater to your needs.

Do you offer pruning gardening services?

Yes! We can arrange a quote for you.