Post & Rail Fencing Kits

The Wood Project Post & Rail Fencing Kits

Stunning Post & Rail Fencing – Milled to Order

The Wood Projects source local Cypress

TWP supply local cypress post & rail fencing, we can make your property stand out from the crowd while also being 100% sustainable. We recycle trees and salvage local Victorian cypress, which would otherwise be wasted (chipped away mostly) however TWP make certain that we make the most out of every log we salvage.

3 Rail Fencing option 1: $89 per metre                                

200 x 150mm intermediate posts

200 x 200mm end posts

200 x 50mm rails

3 Rail Fencing option 2: $69 per metre

150 x 150mm intermediate posts

200 x 200mm end posts

150 x 50mm rails

2 Rail Fencing options also available at a cheaper rate.

If you would like us to provide a quote please send us an Email with a rough sketch of the area to be fenced – please see image below as an example of what a GOOD rough sketch would look like – as many details as possible however we can work with whatever you can provide.

We do not install the fence, we provide it to you milled and morticed (as required) ready to be installed, we can refer one of our trusted suppliers to install for you, please let us know if you would like this referral.

Cypress is one of the most naturally durable softwoods available, it is resistant to insect and borer attack in sawn form. It is rated class 3 in ground  which means that a 50×50 stake will last 10 years, larger sections will last much longer, hence we do not supply posts under 150 x 150 in size.

For extra durability we recommend that you paint any in-ground portion of your post with bitumen paint. TWP can also recommend finishing your fence with a product called Cutek CD50 making certain that all end grain ie: ends of rails after cutting, and tops of posts are coated.

Orders are usually processed in 3-4 weeks, all milled to order and ready to be picked up or delivery can be arranged – we work with customers Australia wide, we are happy to freight our post & rail to wherever its needed.

Post & Rail fencing  is just one of the many timber products that we specialise in. If you are looking for timber slabs (bar tops, table tops) or feature posts for pergolas etc we are your one stop shop. Give us a call today to discuss your next project – 0425 823 402

Example of Rough Sketch


Contact Us About Post & Rail Fencing: 0425 823 402